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Log Barn Stables offers Riding Instruction and Training for your horse.
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Horsemanship Instruction

Ashley offers affordable riding lessons for kids and adults, and training for your horse.  Call today for more information:

Hi, my name is Ashley Ham, and I've been here at Log Barn Stables learning about, and living with, horses since 2008.  I've attended several clinics, and worked with various trainers.  Most of my teaching / training philosophy was adopted from time spent with Emily Johnson, of Mountain Rose Horsemanship.  Emily spent several years here at Log Barn Stables, before moving to her own facility in the summer of 2016.  Emily teaches that a willing partnership, between horse and owner, is mutually beneficial; something I enthusiastically agree with.
From starting a new horse, to helping you with your long time equine companion, I will support you and your horse with help in the areas where you've been seeking to improve.  By setting goals, identifying areas in need of improvement, and working together with your horse, you can attain a harmonious partnership that you're both sure to enjoy.

Most of us can improve under saddle by investing time and effort understanding how to "read" your horse's emotions.  Knowing when to teach, and when to listen, will greatly improve your progress with your horse.  Learning effective techniques on the ground with your horse will pay dividends when it's time to hop on.  You'll learn how to better understand the language of the Horse!

Many horses benefit from time spent on the playground.  Once again, proper technique with each obstacle will teach you and your horse how to think things through and become better partners.  Once in the saddle, we'll work on your balance, rhythm, timing, efficient use of your aids, various gates, transitions, body position, etc.
I've shown and competed successfully in many different disciplines including, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Hunter Hack, Dressage, Western Dressage, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, English Equitation, Trail, and Extreme Trail.  All of these different disciplines are built off of a solid foundation of partnership between horse and rider.  Whether you want to show competitively, or just enjoy riding the trails, I look forward to helping you reach your goal!
I look forward to seeing you here at Log Barn Stables.  If you'd like to get together and discuss the goals you have for you and your horse, please let me know.
Happy Horsemanship!

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