Horse Care and Boarding

Log Barn Stables offers outstanding facilities and care for your horse.  Take comfort that your horse will be professionally cared for by people who love what they're doing.  You'll find Log Barn Stables sets a new standard in premium horse boarding with unmatched facilities, maintained to a high standard of excellence.   

Log Barn Stables prides itself on a friendly atmosphere, welcoming riders from all disciplines and backgrounds, including both competitive and recreational riders.  You can easily make friends and find new riding partners, or if you prefer just you and your horse, there's ample room and riding areas to ride privately.

Special touches always available fresh, clean, automatic water that's kept at 52 (the temperature horses like best) during the winter, double fencing, large pastures for summer grazing, etc.  Fly Predator - fly control program.  Hay nets on the round bales that keep the hay fresh, restrict bite size to promote longer, healthier eating and eliminate horses inserting their heads into the bale and breathing in the harmful fine particles, provided Salt and Mineral blocks for every horse, multiple wash racks, Field Turf Tie Areas, Cool Zone Misting Area, Blocker Tie Rings, and much more!

If you enjoy trail riding, then Log Barn Stables is the place for you. Imagine if you could simply saddle up and ride off on 80 acres of trails that wind through trees, pastures, meadows, gentle hills and ridges with incredible views. Well, at Log Barn Stables that's exactly what you can do! There are miles of sparsely traveled county roads also available for riding year round.

You're Invited!  Reward yourself, and your horse! 

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2018 Boarding Rates:

  • $255 per month - Outdoor with dry shelter and large turn out area
  • $495 per month -  12'x12' Barn Stall with turn out, stall cleaning, bedding
  • $12 per month for tack storage, locked with 24/7 monitored alarm system
  • $15 per month for trailer storage
  • Additional services available upon request
  • All board includes six dose per year dewormer program

All board includes:

  • Fresh, Automatic Water
  • Twice Daily Feedings / Or Netted Round Bale Access
  • Use of Two Roundpens
  • Use of The Three Outdoor Riding Arenas
  • Use of the Indoor Arena
  • Riding Privileges on Log Barn Trails and Obstacle Course

Also Available:

  • Farrier Services from Jessy Hunter (Journeyman II Farrier)
  • Veterinary Care from Pro Performance Veterinary Service, Dr. Adam Gengenbach  -  On site digital x-ray, ultrasound, shockwave, PRP, chiro, accupuncture, dental
  • Veterinary Care from Nebraska Equine Veterinary Clinc
  • Veterinary Care from Dr. Scott Lubben

The Beautiful view from the Log Barn Stables Hilltop Riding Arena
Inside the barn - Stalls all have Auto Fly Spray
System, Comfort Mats, Fans, and Automatic Water
You can always count on:

Fresh, Quality Feed    Fresh, Automatic Water, always available    Farrier Services available on a regular basis
Equine Veterinarian Services available      Clean, Friendly Environment
Lakeside Arena:  210' x 130' sand based arena in a beautiful setting.
Dressage Arena
Huge Indoor Arena:  228' x 100'
The Log Barn Stables Obstacle / Learning Course
Automatic Water for All Horses
Clean, Comfortable  All Weather Field Turf at Tie Areas
Secure and Safe Patience Poles, with Swivel Ties, and Stall Mats covered in Cushioned Field Turf
Lab Tested Hay, Always Stored Indoors
Hay Nets on All Bales
Beautiful Trails!
Deworming Program, and
Salt / Mineral Included
Cool Zone Misting Station,
and Blocker Tie Rings
Keypad Locking Tack Room, Climate Controlled
Vet Area
      Call 402-296-5351 or Visit Today     Limited Space Now Available