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Thank you for visiting our web site.   Here you'll find information on our Horse Boarding facility. 

Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive list of amenities available in the Midwest, all maintained to the highest standards, while providing excellent care for our equine guests. 
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Log Barn Stables is a one of a kind facility for horses and those of us who love them.

Located 15 minutes from Bellevue, in the beautiful hills near the Missouri River, Log Barn Stables is situated on 86 acres of land just North of Beaver Lake, NE.

Amenities include:

  • 58', 7' High Sand Round Pen
  • Large Hilltop, Beautiful 160' Round, Sand Based Riding Arena
  • 210' x 130' Oval Arena
  • Spectacular, 23,000 Square Foot Indoor Arena
  • 6 Wash Racks
  • Deworming Program Inlucded with Your Board
  • Regulation Size Dressage Arena
  • 50' Sand Round Pen
  • Obstacle / Trail Course
  • Dry Shelter for all Horses
  • Large Turn Outs for every Horse
  • Salt and Mineral Provided for All Horses
  • Locked Tack Storage
  • All Hay Stored Inside
  • All Hay Lab Tested to Ensure Nutritional Quality
  • Hay Nets on All Hay
  • Miles of Spectacular Riding Trails
  • Automatic, Heated Waterers
  • Pastures for Grazing
  • Riding Lessons
  • Horse Training
  • Experienced Staff
  • "Fly Predators" organic fly control program
  • Clean, Comfortable Field Turf at Most Tie Areas

Directions to Log Barn Stables, 11420 33rd Ave., Plattsmouth, NE:

HWY 75 to Young Road -- Young Road is approximately 4.5 miles South of Plattsmouth or 1.5 miles South of Plattsmouth Airport.  There is a Left Turn Lane if you're headed South on HWY 75.

Turn East onto Young Road and proceed 2.25 miles to 27th Ave.

Turn left / North onto 27th Ave. and proceed .5 miles to East Mill Road

Turn right / East onto East Mill Road and proceed .5 miles to 33rd Ave.

Turn left / North onto 33rd Ave and proceed .4 miles to entrance on your left

Trails are open year round! 
Winter riding is fun, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Horse Boarding!
We love Log Barn Stables!

It is unlike any other boarding facility we've found in the Omaha area.

From its breathtaking views, to the friendly atmosphere, to the care they provide the horses, it really is one of a kind.  Even more importantly, our horses LOVE it here.  At other stables, my horse was miserable (some even say crazy) but at Log Barn he is relaxed and at ease.  We feel at home here and so do our horses. 

We can't imagine a better place to be.

- Elizabeth, Anthony, Doc, Chocolate

We are thoroughly enjoying our time at Log Barn Stables as are our two horses, Court and Trusty. We knew it would be a transition moving from having our own acreage to boarding again, but Derek and his family have made it quite smooth.

The family friendly atmosphere as well as friendly, fellow boarders make it an ideal boarding situation. The facilities are well-maintained and offer something for every discipline and interest. We know our horses are being well, cared for and we also appreciate access to trainers as well as ease of planning veterinary and farrier care.

Mike, Mala / Trusty, Court

I would like to take a few minutes, and tell you how happy and thankful we are to be lucky enough to board our three horses (Roxy, Jasper, and Chance) at Log Barn Stables (LBS).  Since finding you, and moving our horses there in Aug 2012, we have been extremely impressed with virtually everything about your awesome facilities and staff, and the superior level of care and service that you provide across the board. 
When compared to other board facilities we have used in the past, there is simply no comparison… 

As you know, my family and I love our horses very much, and for the first time as boarders, we trust that they are being well cared for 24/7/365 at LBS.  The constant work you do there to keep all the facilities in top condition, the superior quality hay that you provide, the awesome pens, arenas, obstacle course, and trails make LBS absolutely worth the money and the drive.  I have been spreading the word, and again, just want to say thanks for letting us keep our guys there.  Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help around "the barn."

Jeff, Ashley / Jasper, Roxy, Chance

My husband is Active Duty Military, and, while living overseas, I acquired two horses that were in Oklahoma. Upon notification that we were moving to the Omaha area, I began researching stables to board my horses.  After a few days of searching online, I found Log Barn Stables. 

I spoke with Derek and decided that Log Barn Stables was exactly what I was looking for.  It has almost everything you need, to include beautiful scenery and a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  I don't have any experience working with untrained horses, but with patience and professionalism, Derek and his niece, Ashley, have helped me tremendously.

Vicki / Sirroco, Minstrel

The care at log barn stables is outstanding!

My horse was always happy and when he was sick they went above and beyond what any other barn would do. I knew if I couldn't make it out for a week my horse was getting complete care.

I would recommend this facility to everyone. They have a beautiful property and it is very well kept. It is a great atmosphere and the management is so pleasant. I really love the place.

Allie / Dewey

I was in a situation where I had to find a new boarding facility or sell my horse.  I spent quite some time considering different options.

I have always boarded him on a private acreage with the land owner's horses.  I knew the people and knew he would be taken care of.  When I had to look for other options, I was concerned about the care (or lack thereof) my horse would get. 

I happened to find Log Barn Stables on the internet.  I called Derek and set up a time to visit the stables and ask any questions I had. 

I was very impressed with the set up at 'Log Barn'.  They are very flexible depending on how involved you can or cannot be with your horse's care.  For me, having a place where I knew he would get wormed, vaccinated, and have his hooves trimmed when needed was important.

That he could be grained twice a day as well as have access to pasture or hay was great. 

Many places I contacted were fairly 'do it yourself'.  You pay for the space but much of the care above and beyond pasture/hay was up to you to do yourself.  Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of time. 

The grounds at the stable are very well kept and barn/runout/shelter areas very clean.  There was no hesitation in my decision to board my horse there and I have been extremely satisfied.

Lisa / Lefty

We were the proud new owners of 2 horses, and didn't know where to keep them.  We'd never owned horses before, and didn't know what to expect.  We researched a number of local-area stables, but things just didn't seem to 'fit'.  Then we came across the Log Barn Stables.  From the great facility to the super caretakers, we knew right away that we'd found the right place.

The quiet, laid-back atmosphere transformed Windy, our frisky alpha mare, into a horse that's calm, secure, and confident.  Kohn, our normally nervous gelding found his goofball side.  We recently expanded our herd by adding 2 miniature horses - Starr and her colt, Wrigley.  Starr started out being petrified of humans, but the calm atmosphere combined with patient and loving interactions has transformed her into a horse that seeks contact with people.  We've known Wrigley since the day he was born and are thankful that he loves everything and everyone around him.  Our herd is a happy family that loves their home.

We highly recommend Log Barn to anyone.

Tim & Nikki / Windy, Kohn, Starr, Wrigley

"Having operated my own facility in Colorado for the past six years, my desires for the standard of care at a boarding operation were high. Not only had I heard nice things about Log Barn Stables throughout the searching process, but my expectations for a well-managed, professional and clean facility were both met and exceeded upon visiting Log Barn. It was evident that the horses were happy and healthy, the grounds well manicured, and the environment both positive and friendly.

My herd and I are now settled in and have so enjoyed being a part of the Log Barn community. My horses are relaxed and happy at Log Barn and I thoroughly enjoy the quality facilities and expansive acreage in which to ride. Thanks to Derek for sharing with us this superlative facility."

Emily / MacKenzie, Chinook, Frisco

Both our boys are doing wonderful..... happy and healthy at their new home at Log Barn Stables.  We are all having a great time there.  What an absolutely picturesque place to be!!  Love it!!

Jami & Brian / Papa, Darian

Thank you SO much for caring for them as if they were your own. You may never realize how much that has meant to me. You guys are the greatest!!

Nicole & David / Tangent, Azul

From some of our Boarders...
228 feet long, 100 feet wide and 40 feet tall, with bright natural light - you'll love riding your horse inside this building.  Unlike the common dark, dingy and dusty arenas, you'll find this space to be inviting, spacious, open, and bright.  Naturally quiet with quality footing that is treated to virtually eliminate dust.  There's even a state of the art LED lighting system for riding after dark and 24' fans to provide a cool breeze on hot days.   
Reward Yourself, and Your Horse!